Kare’s Diner

August 22, 2012

Located just across the street from my humble High School is a little diner. Kare’s Diner. And what a quaint diner it is.

Here’s the thing, I can be picky about Food sometimes. Ask my parents and they’ll tell you just how annoying it was to raise a kid like me, one who would turn their nose up at any meal that consisted of more than three ingredients. As I’ve grown older, I’ve certainly branched out a little bit (now I put sauce on my spaghetti) and I’d like to think that I can tell good Food from bad. Anyway, the point of me telling you about my acute perception of good versus bad is because hopefully I can give myself some credibility before I start raving about some random little diner.

At first glance, Kare’s is really not that impressive. Maybe it’s because the building is a little shabby. Maybe it’s the fact that max capacity is about 30. Maybe it’s the poster-board hanging outside that has “WE NOW HAVE AIR” scribbled on it in marker. Maybe it’s all of these things. The point is, when I was a kid, I thought Kare’s was definitely not a place I would want to eat. They probably put gravy on their mashed-potatoes! Heaven forbid.

So,  I avoided Kare’s like the plague for about the first 16 years of my life. Yes, only recently have I begun to appreciate the brilliance of this Small Town diner. I remember the dread I felt as I was about to eat there the for first time. I followed some of my friends into the shifty establishment and looked around at the linoleum floors and sketchy looking tables and booths. I also remember the relief I felt upon realizing that Kare’s would not bring about the death of me. However, my doubts about ol’ Kare-Bear’s were not extinguished.

Over my Junior year in high school, I revisited Kare’s on a few occasions and my fondness for it grew and grew. From breakfasts with friends to lunches with fellow Performing Arts Company members to dinners with my Dad when my Mom and Sister were gone, I developed a certain soft spot for this run down eatery.

Most recently, I went out to Kare’s Diner with my Dad for dinner on a warm, Tuesday night. My Dad ordered a tilapia with honey-almonds and I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings. It was delicious. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The meat was savory. The tomatoes were juicy. The bun was soft and warm. The lettuce had a nice crunch. The bacon was crispy. The burger was delectable. And my Dad said the tilapia wasn’t half bad either. Best of all, it was only $19.08. And that’s what spurned me to write this post.

The thing about this blog is that it’s called: “The Life of an Idiot”. The Idiot is me. But I’m learning. I’m learning everyday (I am a Superman in training, after all). And as I learn, I grow as a person and stretch my boundaries. The fact that I had remained so ignorant and snobbish in the face of Kare’s Diner is proof of my folly. The fact that I’ve grown to love it is proof of my learning. Kare’s certainly doesn’t look pretty on the outside. But the Truth is: What they serve on the inside for only $19.08…will rock your world. The Truth is that a small business like Kare’s doesn’t have the money to look like a well-to-do establishment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get one of the best square meals of your life if you give this Small Town Diner a try.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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