The Proper Way to Prepare a Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae

August 27, 2012

Just seeing the little picture of that bottle o’ heaven makes my mouth water. Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge. The most delicious desert topping in the Universe.

Sanders was initially a candy shop that originated in Chicago but really “made it big” in Detroit, MI. When my Mom was younger, her mother would sometimes treat her to an ice cream sundae or a soda at one of the many Sanders shops in metro Detroit. So, on a different level, my Mom can appreciate a nice Sanders Hot Fudge sundae, just like me. She often looks on in envy whenever I make one for myself. However, my Mom and I differ in our opinions as to how you properly prepare a Sanders Sundae. My Mom has a bias due to her past with Sanders. She’s a…a…traditionalist. She is under the severely misguided impression that Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge is merely an ice cream topping. Nonsense.

The way Mom would have you prepare a Sanders Sundae is how nearly everyone else on this planet would have you prepare one:

1.) Place some kind of ice cream in a bowl. (I would say you really could only use vanilla but…)

2.) Heat the Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge until it’s…well, hot. (So far, she’s really not off base. She’s still doing it right. A little sloppily. But right.)

3.) Drizzle the Hot Fudge onto your ice cream. (Nope.)

4.) Enjoy! (No.)

My family doesn’t understand the finesse of sweets. The fine subtlety of desert. First, my Sister fails to properly make Brown Sugar Toast. And now my Mom messes up Sanders Hot Fudge Sundaes! Here’s the real way to make the best ice cream sundae that’s ever passed through your lips.

1.) Put a generous helping of vanilla ice cream into a bowl. (Generous. By “generous”, I mean: generous.)

2.) Place at least two scoops of Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge into a microwavable dish. (This next step is key…)

3.) Microwave the Hot Fudge for 20 seconds. (No more. No less.)

4.) Give it a moment. (Not too long!)

5.) Microwave the Hot Fudge for 10 seconds. (For those of you who aren’t math wizards, that’s 30 seconds total.)

6.) Take that Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge and dump it onto your ice cream. (Oh. Baby.)

7.) Mix it up! (Unleash your inner pioneer and get your butter churning arm out. Start mixing up that ice cream sundae like your colonial family’s life depends on it!)

8.) Enjoy! (Your sundae should be in a relatively soupy/melted-soft-serve sort of state.)

Maybe that sounds gross to you. Perhaps you can’t handle deliciousness. It’s my favorite way to prepare ice cream, though. Any old bowl of ice cream seems mundane in comparison. I’ve tasted the ambrosia of ice cream and I can’t imagine going back.

Whether your a traditionalist or inventive ice cream connoisseur, Sanders hasn’t failed to dazzle the tastebuds of anyone who tries it. I mean, the company was started in, like, 1875. They’ve had quite some time to perfect their recipe.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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