Bow-Ties Are Cool

September 2, 2012

It’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been relatively busy. But not to worry. I’ve got something interesting to talk about today. Doctor Who.

When my Dad was a kid…or I suppose when my Dad was a teenager, he watched an absurd British sci-fi show called Doctor Who.

This show was based around a man known by everyone as merely…the Doctor. He was a Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey and he owned a spaceship disguised as a police call box known as the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). This TARDIS was a police call box because it’s camouflage feature became jammed in England during one of the Doctor’s journeys to Earth.

The best part about the Doctor was that he was the noblest of heroes. While faced with life threatening situations, the Doctor never raised a weapon. His only tools were a Sonic Screwdriver and his mind. Just like the Scarlet Pimpernel, (if you get that reference, five stars) he solved his problems through the peaceful method of wit and extreme intelligence. He was a true hero. He never intentionally took a Life and always did his best to save the Lives of everyone, even those who attempted to kill him.

The show was extremely quick witted and had a very “tongue-and-cheek” kind of humor. The Doctor always had the answer to any problem and had no qualms expressing this answer with immense amounts of sarcasm. He even had a foxy assistant referred to as his “companion.” Most importantly, (especially to the survival of the show) it was nearly impossible to kill the Doctor. He had two hearts. Whenever he…for lack of a better word…”died”, his second heart would power his Regeneration Cycle into a new Doctor. Basically, every time an actor died or resigned or was fired, they would film an episode in which the Doctor goes through his Regeneration Cycle and a new actor becomes…the Doctor.

When I was about 13 or so, my Dad bought a series of Doctor Who episodes known as the Key to Time. And I ate them up. The Key to Time series occurred under the reign of the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. Personally, I think he was the best Doctor of them all. Recently, though, someone told me that everyone’s biased to the first Doctor they see. Fair enough.

These days, Doctor Who has accumulated a huge cult of followers all over the world. The cheesy sci-fi show my Dad used to watch has evolved into a world-wide phenomena. And, ever the follower, I’ve started to watch it recently.

I’ve gotta say…I’m hooked.

The most recent seasons involving the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, are just as clever and well written as the Key to Time series. And its got me sort of thinking. Its funny how one show could change so much over the course of 50 years and still retain this huge allure for so many viewers. Perhaps we all have an addiction to sic-fi. Perhaps the writers of the show have stayed the same for 50 years. Or perhaps the Doctor is the ultimate character. In any case, I think Doctor Who represents the diligence of an idea.

Roughly fifty years have passed since the start of the show and the viewership hasn’t dwindled. If anything, it’s grown. The diligence of an idea. The diligence of the Doctor. People flock to him and watch the show because he appeals to humans. The Doctor represents ideals that we can support in all times. The Doctor is a constant.

The Doctor is someone that Dads and Sons all over the world can look up to and say: “Now, that’s a hero.”

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


One Response to “Bow-Ties Are Cool”

  1. Heather Says:

    A+ for being a whovian 🙂

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