Back To School: Senior Year

September 7, 2012

It’s been a while. A few days. Five or so, by my count. That’s a little embarrassing. I’ll try and look past it.

Basically, I’ve been busy. Really busy. I may have made a slight mistake in my scheduling choice, but I keep telling myself not to think that. That’s not a wise path to travel down. I have to believe that I’m meant to be in the classes I’m in…even if it means I spend most nights this year glued to my AP Chemistry book…

I shouldn’t complain. I mean, my Cross Country Captain, Jeremy, has been taking AP classes since he crawled out of the womb. The kid is insane. I think he’s contending for Most AP Classes Taken By A Gull Lake Student.

Sophomore Year, he took AP World History. Okay, reasonable start. A lot of people did that. Junior Year, he took AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, AP US History, and AP Calculus. Okay…not a whole lot of people did that.

Senior Year? He’s gotta let him self off the hook, right? No.

AP European History, AP Statistics, AP Literature, and AP Language. Overall, there are only two AP classes in my school that he didn’t take (AP Physics and AP Biology). And you know what? His Fifth Block? The extra class that he could take? The one that could be some blow-off class…? It’s Physics.

If he doesn’t get accepted to the best colleges in all the land, I’ll…I dunno, smack myself or something. The point is: the kids a genius. I hold him in only the highest of respects.

But, I’m just trying to explain why I shouldn’t complain. I mean, I’m just taking AP Chemistry and AP Literature. My nightly “work-load” is probably pathetic compared to what he’s been dealing with for two years now.

So, I won’t complain. I’ll simply say that I’ve been busy the past few nights…with…things. Maybe homework.

Overall, though, going Back To School has been awesome. It’s almost like we never left. The halls seem just as familiar and the faces…are, admittedly, a little off (I don’t really know a ton of Underclassmen…frickin’ Freshman…) But it’s all there! The teachers. The new classes. The joking in the halls. The congregations of cliques before school starts. The fresh notebooks. The new pencils. The fluorescent lights. The crowded passing times. The uncomfortable lunch tables. The warble-y announcements. The Foreign Exchange Students. The sound of the Band’s metronome coming from the practice field in the parking lot. The weird tasting drinking fountains. The Senate meetings. The after school Cross Country practices. The fidgety Internet connection. The squeaky Gym floor. The football games. The Lock-Down drills. The gossip. The early mornings. The late nights. Everything. All of it. It’s High School. It’s familiar. It’s a shame it has to go in less than a year.

But, nothing lasts forever, I know that. I’m glad I’ve enjoyed High School while it lasted. This year’s going to zoom by. I know. I’m sure if I blink a little too hard, when I open my eyes, I’ll be standing on the stage at Miller Auditorium…and I’ll be taking my diploma. I’ll be shaking hands with good ol’ Donny-Boy (our Principal). And I’ll be stepping off. Off on my way.

Off to take on Life.

Yikes. “To take on Life”? That still sounds a little scary…

Hopefully I’ll be out of my training by then…

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


One Response to “Back To School: Senior Year”

  1. andriaparker Says:

    Senior year. Ahhh, what a goodie. I hope you milk it for all it’s worth! Love the posts, keep them up

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