The Premiere of the Fourth Gleeson

September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13th, marked the Premiere of the Fourth Season of FOX’s hit musical comedy: Glee. Glee is, without a doubt, my favorite show of all time.

The Series Premiere aired 5 years ago, in the Spring of my 8th Grade Year. Only the pilot episode was shown on that warm evening, the continuation of Season One was held off until the start of my Freshman Year of High School. For each year of High School that I have faced, Glee has had another season.

I’m going through High School with the show. So, as you can imagine, my perception of High School is a little off…

To this day, I don’t understand why the Cheerleaders don’t walk around school in their uniforms every day. I don’t get why the Show Choir doesn’t spontaneously burst into song every lunch period. I’m confused as to why students aren’t allowed to randomly roam in and out of classrooms at their will. I’m really stumped when our assemblies don’t include absurdly impressive performances by a Show Choir that could sell out a concert hall…

Seriously, Glee is probably the farthest thing from reality. But, I suppose that’s why I watch it so avidly.

High School is great, don’t get me wrong. Life in general is pretty great. But that doesn’t mean it’s not cool to tune in for an hour each week to see what High School Life would be like if it had good writing, directing, sound, and lighting.

But, enough about the show in general, let’s talk specifically about the Gleeson Four Premiere. For those of you who aren’t Gleeks, this post may not be for you.

The New Rachel

First off, as a friend of mine very quickly pointed out: “Re-use story lines much?” I mean, the Cheerio who follows Sue’s every order? Just because Glee admitted in the episode that she was identical to Quinn, it’s still not okay to recycle her character. I swear, if that girl joins the New Directions and suddenly becomes nice, I’ll quit watching! Okay…that was a lie. I’ll still watch. But, I mean, come on…Puck’s little brother? He has a mean streak too? A bad temper that Mr. Shue will work out? So, they took Puck and Quinn off the show…and replaced them with Puck 2.0 and Quinn 2.0?

Secondly, I felt like everyone knew Blaine was going to be the new King on Campus…there was no need to hold a competition over it. Blaine is, without a doubt, my favorite character. I can’t wait for the innumerable solos he’ll get this Gleeson. Obviously, his rendition of “Cough Syrup” was one of Glee’s best songs so far, they might as well put him up in the limelight some more.

Thirdly, I am ecstatic over Rachel and Kurt. Honestly, I’d watch a whole show just about Rachel and Kurt in New York. Screw this switching back and forth between McKinley and NYADA, let’s have Glee…and then let’s have Berry and Hummel in the Big Apple.

Speaking of the switching back and forth, I’m worried. Already, I found this flip-flopping a little tedious. What am I going to do when they start Mercedes’ story? Or Santana’s? I can’t handle this nonsense!

Really, though, those are all very small critiques. I still love the show, in spite of any flaws. It all comes down to loving the music. A lot of people don’t like covers. I don’t mind them. I’d never say that a cover is “better” than the original, I don’t see it as a competition. The two songs are two completely separate entities, devoid of any connection with each other. I can appreciate an original and it’s cover as being entirely different songs. Sometimes, I find myself with multiple versions of a song on my iPod. The original, the Glee version, maybe some other random cover, and maybe a Mash-Up. And I don’t mind listening to any version.

Well, that’s my wrap up on Glee for now. Maybe I’ll write some other posts as the Gleeson intensifies. Overall, though, I’m happy the show was created and I’m happy to be going through High School with it.

It sort of makes me wish my High School career was a musical…

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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