September 20, 2012

So, this past Summer, I made some lists. Actually, we made some lists. Me and a group of PAC friends. In particular, Carly and I. And these lists were comprised of everything we wanted to do over the Summer.

We did not complete them. We didn’t even come close to completing them. Oh well, the lists weren’t necessary for the Summer to be fun. They were more…guidelines. Guidelines for a fulfilling Summer. And we had a fulfilling Summer.

Anyway, on one of the lists of things that I had to do was: “Read a book of Carly’s choosing.” And she chose The Diary by Chuck Palahniuk.

In the novel, there is a test. A test that we’ll take together in this post. Try not to skim forward, it’ll ruin the results. Of course, the test is just for you. I would suggest writing down your answer to each question as you move along, so you can hold yourself accountable.

Let’s begin now…


First, think of a color. Any color in the world. And write that color down.


Next, think of three words that describe that color. Obviously, describing a color is kind of hard. Think of words that sort of personify the color. Write those words down next to your color


Now, think of an animal. The first animal that comes to mind, write it down.


Then, think of three words that describe that animal. (That’s a bit easier than describing a color…) Write those words next to your animal.


And now, think of a specific body of water (one with a name.) Any named  body of water. Write that down.


If you guessed that we would be writing three word that describe that body of water…you thought right! Write ’em down.


Finally,  picture yourself in an empty white room. And write down three word that describe what you feel in that room.


Hopefully there was no peeking! I tried to space the questions out enough that you could safely scroll without giving too much away.

Anyway, what you’ve just taken was a test of the subconscious created by psychologist Carl Jung. I’m no Carl Jung expert, but from what his Wikipedia page tells me, he was a pretty cool guy. Let’s see…he was Swiss. He founded Analytical Psychology. Developed concepts of introverts, extroverts, and collective unconscious. Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be some kind of Psychology 101 class. Bottom line is, you’ve just psychoanalyzed yourself.

Here’s how to interpret your results:

It’s all about the subconscious. The way that you think without realizing that you’re thinking it.

That color? Think of it as yourself. All the words you used to describe the color are how you view yourself.

Carly put me through this test, too. And I suppose I’m not ashamed to share my results. This blog is all about the Truth, right? Well, my color was green. And my describing words were: Natural, Healthy, and Noble. I suppose that kind of makes sense?

And the animal is your perception of mankind. The way you described the animal is the way you would describe humanity.

For the Life of me, I can’t remember what I said for this question…

The body of water represents your personal/romantic/sexual Life. The words you used to describe the water are how you view these aspects of your Life.

I don’t remember all the words I used for this question. I think I chose the Mediterranean Sea and I think I called it Flowing? Or something? And I think I said Salty, too.

Finally, the white room. The white room is your Death. The words you used to describe the room are the words you would use to describe Death.

I vividly remember this one. Alone, Scared, and Cold. That doesn’t surprise me. Not one bit. I think, in that regard, this test has me pegged 100%.

I hope you enjoyed our venture into the interactive blog post. And I hope you found this test fun and enlightening. I highly recommend The Diary, if you have time. It was a very good book.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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