How I Asked Her

October 7, 2012

This is a blog about my Life. Every aspect of my Life that I feel contributes to the creation of me.

Right now, a huge part of my Life as a High Schooler is Homecoming. In fact, the game is this Friday and the dance is this Saturday.

You can bet, Gull Lake is gearing up for the big event. Dresses are being bought. Plans are being made. Groups are being organized. Ties and collared shirts are being purchased. Reservations are being placed. Student Senate is “busy” planning. The administration is ordering breathalyzers from the local police. A DJ is being requested. Float building is in full swing. The parade is being planned. The football team is getting ready for the big game. And every student is either asking their date or wondering who they can ask last minute.

This week is Spirit Week with all sorts of activity like Dress-Up Days, Lunch Time Games, and the Homecoming Assembly. For those who may find it interesting, this year the Homecoming Dress-Up Days are as follows:

Monday – Come As You Are Day

Tuesday – FANdom Day

Wednesday – Sports Day

Thursday – Patriotic Day

Friday – Spirit Day

Anyway, Homecoming is sort of a big deal at Gull Lake. More specifically, how a guy asks a girl is very important. At Gull Lake, flashiness is generally rewarded with an embarrassed giggle, a smile, and a “Yes.”

Of course, whether we admit it or not, part of the reason why people go for extravagent and “flashy” invitations is so everyone else can see. It’s making a bold statement that says: “I care about this person enough to go the distance to make them feel special today. To make them feel like people are watching them with earnest interest.” And that’s really all part of the fun. There’s nothing wrong with desiring a little attention. Personally, I love to make some kind of effort when asking a girl to a dance and I enjoy making it public (maybe that’s the actor in me.) I don’t really see anything wrong with that. I’ve already done a post about how other people at Gull Lake have asked girls to dances. Today is the story of How I Asked Her.

The problem is, Carly’s up at Interlochen. She’s hours away. And despite the fact that I tried to make my invitation public, I’m not sure enough people saw. So, this is my ditch effort to make it known that I asked Carly. And that I tried to make it as cute as I could.

So, with the assistance of our friends in Band and PAC, I invited Carly to Homecoming through a series of pictures. I wanted Carly to know that we all miss her. I wanted her to know we’re always thinking about her. I wanted her to know that her friends at Gull Lake are waiting eagerly for her return. I wanted Carly to know that she’s not forgotten. I wanted her to know that we’re all rooting for her back here. I wanted Carly to know that no matter how far she is, no matter how long she’s gone, there are those of us at Gull Lake who will always care about our favorite ginger artist. And so, I mailed her the following pictures…


Rachel and Shelby, two friends of ours in the science hallway.

A few of our Band friends (and Shelby) sitting where we used to eat lunch.

That last one is a little bit odd. It’s supposed to be a reference to a past photo in which Jonah…You know what? Long story. Never mind.

Rachel, Grace (another good friend), and one of Carly’s favorite teachers, Mr. Minehart. This was taken during AP European History, a class Carly would undoubtedly be taking if she was at Gull Lake this year.

It says “Homecoming” for those who can’t quite make it out. The boys of the Gull Lake Cross Country Team are more than willing to help out any fellow teammate when it comes to Homecoming invitations. (Especially if it involves taking our shirts off…so we can show off how built we are. (Sarcasm.))

And that was the last picture. Me up on the cafeteria’s stage during lunch.

So, that’s How I Asked Her. That’s how I asked Carly.

Just today, she said: “Yes.”

Despite what I may like to believe, Homecoming is a large part of my Life during the Fall. It’s a large part of any High Schooler’s Life. And, this year, I decided to ask this spectacular red-headed artist to the dance. This spectacular red-headed artist who decided that she’d take a leap this year. She took a leap in transferring to one of the most prestigious arts academies in the world. I think that it can get pretty stressful for her, sometimes…So, I’m glad she can come home this Saturday and just relax for a night.

I’m glad she’s coming home for Homecoming.

I’m glad that Carly can come home for a night of horribly cliche pictures, a dinner with friends, and a dance in the High School that she will never truly be gone from…

Not while there are those of us here who keep her in mind.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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