For Those Who Are Applying to College…

October 10, 2012

…I salute you. I salute those who, like me, find themselves pushing their way through one of the most annoying processes I’ve ever experienced. I salute those who find themselves struggling with essays. I salute those who find themselves wading through pointless application questions. I salute those who find themselves experiencing one of the most stressful starts to a school year ever. I salute those of you who are applying to college.

For Those Who Are Applying to College…I salute you.

I’ve finally narrowed down the primary reason that this process is so absolutely rotten: This is the first real decision I’ll ever make.

Up until now, the biggest decision I’ve ever made was probably what extra-curriculars I would partake in or what classes I would sign up for next year or whether I would take the ACT again or…simple things. Things that seemed like they had an obvious answer. And I feel like most Seniors would agree with me.

Now, of course, we’re deciding what wind we’re going to catch in our sail. We have to choose what schools to apply to and, from the ones we get accepted into, we have to decide which one we’re going to attend. We have to decide what gust is the right gust. And I feel like that’s scary. What if I choose the wrong school? What if it’s too challenging? What if it’s too easy? What if I don’t like the dorms? What if I don’t like the environment? What if the food’s terrible? What if I pursue the wrong major? What if…?

And I don’t think there’s any amount of college visits or research or testimonies or meetings that could possible take the fear of “What if…?” away.

So, that’s why I think applying to colleges is hard. Not only do we have to fill out applications, ask for letters of recommendation, send transcripts, write essays, rewrite essays, and take ACTs…we also have to make a choice once that’s all done.

For example, I’m applying to Hope, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Western Michigan University. Currently, I’m leaning towards Hope and I feel confident that it’s the right answer but…how can I know? How could I possibly know what the right choice is?

Then again…

Well, maybe…just maybe…maybe it’s not all that bad.

The more I think about it, the more I think that, maybe, it isn’t possible to make a wrong choice. The whole point of Life is to experience, right? We’re all here to experience Life. And one of the ways that we do that is by traversing college, right?

Maybe which college you go to doesn’t matter that much. Because Life is happening indefinitely in an infinite number of places. Everyone on this planet is having some sort of experience right now and who’s to say whether one is better or worse? Maybe I should relax some of the pressure that I put on my college selection because in the end, I’m going to be living the Life of an Idiot, no matter where I end up.

No matter which college I go to…I’ll still be an Idiot. I’ll still be a Superman in training. And I’ll still be living Life the best I can.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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