The Booker Award

October 17, 2012

This is the blog of my Life. The funny thing is that part of my Life is this blog…if that makes sense. So, this is a blog post…about my blog…which is a part of my Life…because this is a blog about my Life…? Right. Onwards.

I might as well state the obvious and tell you that I’m very new to the WordPress community. (WordPress is the blogging/social-networking site through which my blog is run.) As I have recently learned, there is an award passed around by WordPress users called: the Booker Award. And I learned this because a kind sir named Nick bestowed this award upon me from his blog.

Step one, according to him, is to thank the previous owner of the award. So…Thank you, Nick. Thank you so much. Because I’m trying to work on this blog and make it the best it can be, for readers and for me. And when I can be publicized through someone else in the community, someone like Nick who is already relatively popular on WordPress, that helps. It helps put my name out there and it helps in the overall creation of The Life of an Idiot. This blog really has become a large part of my Life over the past few months and to have someone spontaneous, to have someone completely random, commend me for my work…well, that feels pretty darn good. So, thank you, Nick.

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize why I’m guessing Nick found The Life of an Idiot in the first place. I think he may have discovered it through a recent spike in activity on my blog. Last Saturday, the day after I posted The Best of Senior Homecoming, I hit an all time high for views. This is what I assume put me on the map for Nick to discover me and, therefore, give me the award. So, I suppose I’d also like to thank all of those in the Gull Lake Community who shared my blog over the weekend. I’d like to thank those in the Gull Lake Community who enjoyed what I had to say and gave such amazing responses. And I’d even like to thank those outside of the Community who commented such supportive things. It’s truly an honor to know that there are people out there who enjoyed and were affected by what I wrote.

Thank you, Nick.

Thank you, Gull Lake.

Thank you, readers.

Thank you, Idiots everywhere.

Anyway, back to the Booker Award. The point of the award, from what I’ve gathered, is to share in the joy of reading. It’s to make the WordPress community more tight-knit by lifting each other up through publicizing one-another’s blogs. And it’s to create a chance for various bloggers around WordPress to share their favorite novels, because that’s the other duty of accepting the award. I’m supposed to share with my readers my favorite novels of all time.

Without a doubt in my mind, I know what my favorite book is…but I think I’ll build up to it first. I’ll recommend three books in total. I’ll start with my third favorite and work my way up to my favorite novel of all time…

Going Bovine

by Libba Bray

This is a modern-day epic. It’s the story of Cam and his journey from a hospital in Texas, to Mardis Gras, to an MTV style house party, and back.

Cam is a burnout who is constantly looked down on by his peers, teachers, parents, and his “perfect” sister. When Cam begins to suffer from hallucinations, most who surround him blame it on marijuana smoking. However, as he soon learns, he is suffering from mad cow disease (he’s…going bovine.) Something he probably contracted from the poor quality fast food joint that he works at.

Cam is quickly hospitalized but makes a great escape when he’s visited by a pink-haired, leather-booted, rocker-girl angel who tells him that there is a man who can heal him. What follows is the absurd journey of Cam, Gonzo, and Balder and a coming of age story that had me laughing so hard sometimes I almost cried.

Breakfast of Champions

by Kurt Vonnegut

This year, I’m taking AP Literature and Composition. And I love it. Part of the class, though, is a Summer reading assignment. For my Summer reading, I read Franny and Zooey, Emma, The Fountainhead, and Breakfast of Champions. And Breakfast of Champions is now my second favorite book. I read the entire book in two days…I was so hooked.

The wit of Vonnegut is hard to resist…but let’s not make this into an AP Lit essay. I’m not going to talk about “the finer points of his writing style.” I just wanted to say that I thought it was a hilarious book that kept me interested from the start.

The novel is Vonnegut’s way of thanking all the characters who have served him so loyally throughout his writing career. It’s his way of giving the people he’s wronged a happy ending. It’s the story of Kilgore Trout and how his science fiction writing drove a man into a mad killing spree. That may not sound too funny…nor does it sound like a happy ending…

But I guess that just says a lot about the quality of Vonnegut’s writing…or my poor ability to interpret novels. Anyway, it was a great read.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

by Mark Haddon

This book…this novel…this gift from some literary deity…was a Life changer. See, my Mother used to be a School Psychologist, which means she used to work a lot with kids who had learning or social disabilities. Among these disabilities, Autism was a frequent reoccurrence. Because of this, I learned about Autism from a very young age. And maybe it’s because I’m the son of a woman who has a PhD in Psychology that I enjoy The Curious Incident so much.

It’s the story of Christopher, a boy with Aspergers (high functioning Autism), and his mission to uncover the murderer of his neighbor’s dog, Wellington. He narrates the novel himself as though it was given to him as a school assignment and although Christopher constantly states that it is a murder mystery, it is a novel about so much more.

In fact, it’s a novel about so much more than Autism. It’s not some heartwarming What’s Eating Gilbert Grape tale.. Because Autism is not Christopher’s defining feature, it is not what makes Christopher…Christopher. It is a novel about the incredible way that Christopher views the world. His mind functions on another level in which his social skills suffer, but his raw fact, math, and science skills soar. With Mark Haddon’s amazing writing, he creates such a vivid character in Christopher, one who sees the world in a way that I could never possibly understand. The ideas presented in the novel are so unbelievably original that I never mind a good re-read.

It is definitely my favorite novel of all time.

And that’s how it works. That’s how the award works. Hopefully, one of those books may have sounded good and you might go out and read one. I think that might be another point of the award. To try and spread good literature.

The last thing I have to do, as a recipient of the Booker Award, is to pass it on to someone else. I’m not really sure how many I’m supposed to promote…but I think I can live with just one. Perhaps I have a slight bias in the passing on of this award, but I believe my friend Jenna deserves attention on her up-and-coming blog. And I’m not saying that I’m going to give her an infinite amount of attention and followers, but if there’s anyone out there who’s following the progress of the award…well, it’s headed on over to Uncharted Territories

So…that’s how it goes! There! The Booker Award. I’m glad I was able to write this post because books are an undoubtedly large part of my Life. I absolutely love to read and, when people love something, they love to share it with other people. And I got to do that, today.

Which is pretty exciting.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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