Dancing is Important

October 19, 2012

Dancing is Important. I’ve known that ever since I was a kid. When I was younger, my parents never missed an opportunity to dance with me or find some way to drag me out onto the dance floor. Weddings, birthdays, parties, festivals downtown, any social gathering that involved dancing? I always found myself being encouraged to…bust a move.

And so, I think Dancing is Important. I think it’s really important. There are only a few things that make me feel more liberated than dancing. To clarify…I’m not a dancer…I just like to dance. I’m a terrible dancer. I’ve always thought it would be really cool to learn to salsa or waltz or tango. For now, though, I just like to listen to great music and see what it does to my body. This usually results in a lot of awkward arm and leg movements, dramatic Broadway-esque motions, and really funky white-kid krumping.

Even nowadays, my parents love a good tune. However, it always used to be their music we listened to. Now, it’s almost all my music. I play music as I do the dishes. I play music when I vacuum. I play music while I clean. I play music while I do homework. I play music while I shower. I play music before I fall asleep. I play music while I drive. I play music lounging around the house. I play…music.

And, whenever I feel like it, I dance. And, whenever my parents feel like it, they dance.

I almost have this rating system as to whether my parents deem a song: Dance-Worthy or Come-On-Brian-You-Can-Do-Better.

Dancing is fun. Dancing is important. It’s all about feeling music and just moving because you have to.

Not to mention, it never hurts to sing when you dance. I’m a terrible singer, but that never stops me from moving my feet, swinging my hips and, attempting to sing my most recent Mash-Up as I scrub away at dinner dishes. Singing is just another way of pulling more out of the music you listen to. Even if I don’t know the lyrics, I mumble along until I do.

Music is this amazing gift of creating rhythms that do miraculous things to the human ear. I’m no music major. I can’t keep a beat to save my Life. I can’t sing a single note on tune. So, I’m not sure if the above definition is entirely accurate…but it’s certainly how I feel about music.

I listen to music as often as possible so I can feel it. So I can make odd motions that I call “dancing.” So I can belt out the worst rendition of every song you’ve ever heard. Because, in my mind, that’s what’s important about music.

It’s all about feeling the beat.

It’s all about dancing.

Because Dancing is Important.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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