The Man Cave

October 24, 2012

When I was younger, I used to go to this daycare run by Queen Suzie…or that’s what she had us call her. I struggle to remember everything about those days…but I do remember Zach and maybe Jacob. However, we’re not entirely sure if Jacob was at Queen Suzie’s while I was…so maybe I’m inventing those memories. Bottom line is: Jacob and Zach are two of my best friends right now. And I had a connection to them when I was younger. This conclusion may seem very boring…of course if we were friends when we were younger then we’d most likely be friends now. But this story is somewhat exciting, I promise. You see, Jacob, Zach, and I eventually reached a gap.

I left Queen Suzie’s.

My parents decided to start hiring babysitters for my sister and I instead of having us attend a daycare. So…I lost Jacob and Zach. Years went by and our path’s didn’t cross due to us being placed in different classes. We stayed separated until…5th Grade, I think it was. Then, one day, I boarded the school bus and was faced with an option: there were only two seats that had room for me to sit and they were across the aisle from each other. One held a lanky, brown-haired kid with his nose buried so deep in a GameBoy Advance screen that I could hardly see his face. The other held a stocky, blonde-haired kid whose nose was equally buried.

I sat down to the brown-haired kid…an odd feeling of nostalgia coming over me.

I glanced at him…he glanced back.

Upon seeing his face, the boy’s name rose all to easily to my tongue…


And, just like that, I found Jacob and Zach again. That day on the bus, I was reunited with two kids who would eventually change my Life and become the greatest friends I’ve ever had.

I’ve been friends with Jacob and Zach ever since. Together, we laughed in Middle School’s face, conquering it’s troubled hallways and socially confusing classrooms. Together, we ventured to Canada and back…twice. Together, we saw too many poor quality scary movies to count. Together, we played enough video games to last us a Lifetime.

Together, we’re tackling High School one day at a time.

We’re growing up together.

Unfortunately, High School hasn’t been too kind to our quality time together. I’ve been caught up in extra-curriculars and my time spent with Jacob and Zach has dwindled. And I kind of hate that. But, like I said before, there are some friends that never die out.

Now that you have the backstory, let’s get on to the point of this post…One of the best parts of being in a trio with Jacob and Zach is…the Man Cave. AKA: Jacob’s basement.

When we come together, our typical “hangout spot” is the Man Cave. That’s where Jacob keeps all of his video games, his access to Netflix, and his computer. And that really sums up our hangouts. When Jacob, Zach, and I meet in the Man Cave, it’s time to relax. We melt our brains with video games, we watch terrible low-budget films on Netflix (horror first, comedy second), and we surf the web. And, honestly, I don’t see a whole lot wrong with that. I think that’s a testament to the kind of friends that Jacob and Zach are. Normally, given the choice, I would prefer a night out. But I always have an awesome time with Jacob and Zach. I can’t remember ever leaving the Man Cave in a bad mood.

The only bad thing about hanging out with Jacob and Zach…is that it always comes to an end as the sun rises and Zach and I are called home to do homework or who knows what.

I think the best part about our trio is that we’re all so…different. But our differences compliment one another to make this very odd Yin-Yan…Yon? Anyway…

There’s Jacob, for starters, very quiet in school but unbelievably outgoing the second he leaves. He’s the funniest of the trio. He’s the owner of the Man Cave and his family is always happy to invite Zach and I in. He’s also probably the most technologically sophisticated of us. This year, he’s taking an online Computer Sciences class…crazy stuff. He’s a genius. He’s hilarious. He’s the glue that holds the trio together. He’s Jacob.

Then there’s Zach. Zach is often referred to as being the laziest in any group. It’s sometimes true, too. But, I know a side of Zach that comes through in times of necessity. Zach’s a hard worker and an exceptionally bright mathematician…which I never fail to tease him for. Math nerd. He’s laid back and relaxed, he’s the calmness to soothe my thespian craze. He’s the tether to my balloon.

And then there’s me, the drama kid. I need Jacob and Zach to be the touch of reality that I sometimes require.

All in all, it’s been Jacob, Zach, and I for years. Hopefully, it’ll be Jacob, Zach, and I for years to come…even when we reach our parting of the ways and leave for college.

For years, Jacob and Zach have lived across the street from each other and I’ve lived five short minutes away…Soon, we’ll be separated by miles upon miles. The Man Cave will be out of reach and only a memory…

But it’s a dang good memory.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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