December 9, 2012

About five months ago, on August 21st, I made my very first post on The Life of an Idiot. Today marks the release of my 50th post on this blog.

Maybe it’s horribly cliché to make my 50th post about the fact that this is my 50th post…But I feel like I just need a moment to stop and take a breath. Because this blog has been an absolute roller coaster ride ever since I started it. I never expected it to become successful. In fact, I didn’t originally intend to tell anyone about it. Well, that plan quickly went awry when my friend Mila posted the blog’s link on Facebook. Of course, I’m so glad she did.

Even after Mila did that, I thought the blog would just be a small thing that I did every so often but I actually received feedback…positive feedback. People actually liked what I had to say. So, I thought: “Well, why the heck wouldn’t I write more?” So, I started writing about everything I could of. I started writing about the Life of an Idiot.

I started telling stories like The Quest for Fast Food, The Green French Bathing Suit, Pranking Pop-Tarts, The Birthday Pee, The Battle of Masterpiecesand How Mallory Almost Killed Sun-Tan.

And I loved every second of it. Honestly, even if there wasn’t a single person out there reading this…I’d still write it. Because writing my thoughts makes them more real. As I’ve said before, reflection upon our experiences is the key to ensuring that we lead successful Lives.

So, I kept writing about…Food and my Senior Year and Cross Country and all the things that are truly important to me.

I wrote tributes to the people in my Life that I don’t think I could do without. I wrote about Coach Portis and Coach Flynn. And Coach Hawkins. And I wrote about Mrs. Jolin. And I wrote about Carly…and I wrote about her again…And I wrote about my Dad, the King of Kalamazoo. And I wrote about Jacob and Zach.

I love writing about people. I feel like, as a Senior, I need to take the time to thank all the people who made me who I am today…and who helped me through 13 years of the public school system. I still have so many people to thank.

But I also wrote about trivial things like TV Shows and why Dancing is Important and how I was going to attempt lucid dreaming and A Bucket List for the Tame One and what Life would be like if it were a book.

With me being a High School student, it would be hard for me not to write about my High School, Gull Lake. So, I wrote about SchoolHomecoming, and Football Games.

Most recently, my Senior Year of PAC started and lord knows I’ll be writing a lot about that in the future. (Audition results get posted Wednesday!)

Overall, I just try my best to write about Life.

I try my best to write about Life.

And this blog enables me to do that whenever I want. So, I’d write it no matter what. I think it’s helping me become a better person. I think it’s helping me realize what’s really important in Life.

I also think it’s helping in the advancement of my training…my Superman training, that is.

And, to think, it all started with a promise that I will always tell the Truth

And I’ve kept that promise ever since I made it.

So, here’s to another 50 posts. Because I want to write them.

Because I need to write them.

Because I need to write about the Life of an Idiot.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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