Someone Hit Fast-Forward

January 13, 2013

Someone Hit Fast-ForwardI remember when I was a Freshman.

And I can specifically remember my youthful self looking at Seniors and thinking: “Oh, I’ll never achieve that. I’ll never be that old. It’s so far away. Brian Wiegand? A Senior in High School? Preposterous!” And I can also remember wondering what it would feel like once I’d achieved that…


I feel absolutely no different. If I wasn’t consciously aware of the fact that I was a 17-year-old Senior at Gull Lake High School, it would be really, really easy for someone to convince me I was a Freshman. I suppose that’s sort of a “Duh” thing to say, but I can remember really thinking that I would feel different once I’d achieved this. I remember thinking that I’d be a completely different person.

Of course, I suppose I do have this constant nag of nostalgia…But I don’t feel like I’ve changed. Then again, I’ve been with me 100% of the time that this “change” has taken place, so maybe that’s why I don’t notice the difference. Or maybe there isn’t a difference…How am I supposed to know? It’s sort of like family reunions. Your relatives all say: “Oh, look how tall you are!” because they haven’t seen you in a year. To them, the change is huge. To you, the change doesn’t seem that immense because growth is slow and you’ve been you the whole time. You’ve experienced the change as it painstakingly took place and don’t realize how much change has taken place in a year.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that as I’ve grown older, time seems to be moving faster. (Perhaps that negates my previous point, oh well.) Sometimes, when I stop for a second to take a breath, I look around and I think: “Wait. It’s the Winter of my Senior year? That can’t be right. Cross Country is over? Over for good? Hold up…We’re in the middle of my final PAC show?! There’s 19 days until the first show? Nope. No. Wrong. Not true…It can’t be true.”

And then, when I look forward to this Summer, I’m hit with a huge bag of bricks called “Reality.” The Open Houses that I’ll be attending this year…will be for people in my grade. That definitely can’t be right. No way! It was just yesterday that I was at Freshman Orientation, right?

There are all these things that are starting to become very apparent to me. This Summer, I’ll be signing up for classes and buying books and saying good-bye to some kids I’ve grown up with my entire Life, I’ll be shopping for my dorm and preparing for College and getting ready to step out into the world…All on my own.

It is in this year, 2013, that I will leave Gull Lake High School…for the last time.

Time is going so fast. It’s like Someone Hit Fast-Forward.

But it’s all part of Life, isn’t it? Growing up is just part of Life and it’ll happen whether I want it to or not. Best thing I can do is be happy with it. Be happy that I’ve been fortunate enough to make it this far and that I’ve gotten into College and that I’ll actually be able to go to College.

As J.M. Barrie said: “All children, except one, grow up.” Last time I checked, I’m not Peter Pan…

So, it looks like I better get used to the idea.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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