March 4, 2013


Is it weird that the person we see the least is Ourself?

Granted, there are probably people on this planet that I’ll never see and there are people on this planet that I’ll only see once or twice. But I mean like the people that we know well. Or even the people that we only somewhat know…Maybe that should be some kind of qualification for friendship. “The point at which you’ve seen a person more than you’ve seen yourself is also the point at which you can call this person your friend.”

Perhaps I should explain what I’m talking about.

Picture an average day. How many times do you actually see yourself? Three, maybe four times? The only time you look yourself in the eye is when you’re hopping out of the shower or brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom. Even then, you’re only seeing yourself in passing.

So, let’s try to do some math (a scary thing for me to do.) Let’s say I take every day that I’ve Lived: 6,442 (as of March 4th, 2013.) Now, let’s say that every day I see myself for a total of…90 seconds? That means that I’ve seen myself for a total of 161 and a half hours. That’s not even a full week. Of the 920 weeks that I’ve Lived…not even one of them was spent viewing myself. That’s only about 0.1% of my Life.

To clarify, this is not meant to be a narcissistic post and hopefully it is not received that way. Mostly, I am merely speculating. Which is what I do here in my man cave.

Anyway…Isn’t that weird? Of all the people that we come to know on planet Earth…We see Ourselves the least.

Sometimes, and maybe this will seem unbelievably narcissistic, I hesitate before I leave the bathroom after brushing my teeth. Sometimes I take a quick second and I look at me and I think…”That’s Brian Wiegand.” And It’s almost like seeing a stranger. I’ve never seen that boy in the mirror laugh like I know he has. I’ve never seen that boy in the mirror joke like I know he has. I’ve never seen him talk. I’ve never seen him Live Life. But it’s me. It’s definitely me in the mirror.

And, really, if you really want to get into it…We never truly see Ourselves. We only see reflections. I’ll never get to truly take a look at Brian Wiegand. Not in this Lifetime.

Oh, well.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


3 Responses to “Ourselves”

  1. Krista Moon Says:

    Very insightful! I never thought about it like that before. I really enjoy reading your articles – it’s interesting to hear the “mind” of a teenager. Although – I don’t think a lot of teenagers think like you do! LOL. Your cousin Kaylee has a blog – she’s 9. I set it up for her a couple of weeks ago. I still have to add the email subscription to it. http://www.kayleethomas.com. From the mouth of babes!

  2. Roger Says:

    I love love love this post; self-consciousness and identity are both interesting and difficult concepts to fully grasp. You know, man?

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