A Letter From Me

March 17, 2013

A Letter From Me

Friday, Gull Lake High School finished out the 2nd Trimester. With the Seniors facing their final trimester in High School, there is a lot of talk about school ending. Heck, Spring Break’s only two weeks away and then we’ve only got a short 8 weeks left of school. Well, with all this talk of graduation, I’ve been reminded of something I’d almost completely forgotten about: Our 8th Grade letters.

At Gull Lake, every 8th Grader writes a letter to their Senior selves. At the end of this school year, the English teachers will start passing everyone’s letters back. Every envelope will contain something different. Some kids put money in theirs. Some kids put pictures. Some put unopened letters from their friends. But everyone will have a letter from their 8th Grade selves.

For the Life of me, I can’t remember what I wrote in my letter or any of the letters I wrote to my friends. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

Anyway, as I think about what 8th Grade Brian will tell me, I also find myself thinking about what I would tell him. If I could somehow write a response to 8th Grade Brian…What would I say? I think this is where mankind’s fear of the unknown really shows it’s true colors. See, if I said anything to 8th Grade Brian, I don’t think I would tell him to change some past event. I’m pretty happy with how things are now and I wouldn’t dare risk changing it to something unknown by telling past me not to do something…Of course, now we’re getting into the more Sci-Fi, time paradox sort of time travel, while this question was originally posed to be a mere hypothetical.

So, all time paradoxes aside, what sort of advice would you give past you? I think I’d tell 8th Grade Brian that if he didn’t Live the next four years exactly as I just did…I’d kick his butt. I’d tell him to just go with the flow because sometimes the current will be fast and sometimes the current will be slow, but all rivers lead to the ocean. I’d tell him to relax and to not be so anxious. I’d tell him that everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to and all he can do is smile about it. I’d tell him that all anybody can ever ask of him is his best…but that he better always try to try his best.

And so, here I sit…eagerly awaiting a letter from Middle School me…wondering what sort of advice he’ll have.

I just hope 8th Grade Brian isn’t as much of an Idiot as I remember him being.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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