College Bound

April 13, 2013

College Bound

I talk about college a lot. What Senior doesn’t? I think it’s the thing we’d all rather not think about, but it’s also the thing we have to talk about.

Personally, I’ll be attending Western Michigan University when the Fall of 2013 rolls around. And that fact became very, very real the other night when I signed up for housing and orientation.

As far as housing goes, I’m pretty excited to be rooming with a good friend of mine, Brady. Of course, I’ve heard that rooming with your friend is a bad idea, but I think Brady and I will be able to coexist peacefully. Brady’s a pretty laid back guy and easy to be around. The only possible issue I can foresee is that we’re both Messy Marvins. But neither of us seem to mind the mess…So, when our room morphs into a nuclear fallout zone, it’ll only bother our suite-mates.

And then there’s orientation. A whopping two day orientation spent on Western’s campus. There’ll probably be all sorts of gubbins about tours and dorms and cafeterias and classes and…God knows what…But that’s not really what I’m most interested in. What’s really got my attention is the fact that I’ll be signing up for my Freshman Year classes.

That’s pretty nerve wracking.

I took a little glance at Western’s Undergraduate catalog…It’s over 800 pages long. Granted, it’s not only a class catalog, but that’s a large portion of it. How am I supposed to choose between all of those classes? The toughest class decision I had to make in High School was whether I wanted to take “Creative Writing: Children’s Lit & Short Story” or “Creative Writing: Poetry”. Now, it’s like I’ve got to choose between “Creative Writing in Medieval Times” or “Creative Writing About South American Butterflies” or “Creative Writing While Standing on Your Head” or “Creative Writing in American Sign Language”.

And I’m just sitting here like: “Can someone else make this decision?”

I suppose I’ll just have to listen to the good ol’ gut. It’s gotten me this far. Hopefully it’ll carry me a little further as I set off…College Bound.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)


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