That Brief Moment

May 14, 2013

That Brief Moment

“You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming?”

Personally, I love that place. I love That Brief Moment before sleep when your mind begins to go a little wonky and the world sort of collapses. Your body feels heavy against the bed and you couldn’t move if you wanted to, not that you’d ever want to. With paralysis creeping over your limbs, you’ve never been so comfortable.

I find that in this Brief Moment, my mind sort of melts. My thoughts form this endless stream of absurdities with myself as the only sane constant. The laws of physics fall to shambles as the world spins and blackness slowly consumes my consciousness. Any flicker of thought instantly takes over my mind and manifests itself before me. It is in That Brief Moment that I can have the most vivid fantasies.

Not fantasies that I can control. I’m usually too tired to focus or to try and wrangle in the loose cattle of my mind. It runs rampant and paints whatever picture it wants for me. Usually, these visions are ones of hysteria. Everything seems heightened, exaggerated, and they only last for a few seconds before something else takes their place.

But these vivid images that take over my mind in That Brief Moment are usually…spectacular. One second, I’ll dive into an electric blue ocean, then I’ll open my eyes and find myself in a free-fall. Or maybe I’ll simply be running. Or sometimes I’m struggling to squeeze through a quickly closing gap. More often than not, however, I see myself grab someone’s hand. Someone that was just about to fall from a very high height. And I say: “Gotcha.” I don’t see my face or the person’s face, I just see our hand’s clinging.

That Brief Moment only has one flaw. It’s brevity. Couldn’t it last a few seconds longer? Isn’t there another ocean to plunge into? Another cliff to fall from? Another person to grab? But I suppose I can just look forward to the next time my body becomes filled with sand, and my brain filled with illusions.

I suppose I’ll just wait.

-Brian Wiegand (An Idiot, A Superman in training)